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Technology in Transport is at the Heart of Everything we do

Here at HaulTech, we have one goal, to create a movement that supports hauliers across the globe to improve and enhance their operations through the use of industry leading technology. Having operated in the transport sector for over 30 years, we have seen processes that have held back companies from reaching their true potential and in turn created solutions to enable you to reach new heights. Our commitment is to you and all the hauliers across the UK.

Forget about pen and paper. Forget about duplication. Forget about Excel.

Join the 365 movement and future-proof your business.

Craig Lamont

Craig is an executive director of HaulTech and all round cool guy. For over 20 years he has supported hauliers with tracking, telematics and TMS solutions. In his spare time he like to ride his bike and build lego.

Clare Chidlow

Clare is also an executive director of HaulTech and likes to drink fizz. She has been with HaulTech since 2000 and is one of the creative minds behind the HaulTech.365 transport management system.

Patrick Fegan

Director of Product
& Innovation
Full-time Director and part-time gamer, Patrick leads a team of software developers that brings you cutting-edge transport technology.

Adam Lamont

Adam is a non-executive director at HaulTech and believes that Jaffa Cakes are cakes and not biscuits. Aside from this transgression, he is fantastic at supporting haulage professionals with HaulTech.365.
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