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The power of connection in the palm of your hand
HaulTech.Connect on an iPhone

never looked and felt so good.

Your drivers know the assignment, they know how to work and what documentation to bring back. But what if they could do it better?

HaulTech.Connect allows drivers and sub-contractors to have the power of connection in the palm of their hands. The application allows users to capture signatures, photograph deliveries and documentation and automatically update office staff.

The app fully Connects with the HaulTech.365 transport software, giving you total control and visibility of your operation.

Capture and upload from the road.

The simplicity of HaulTech.Connect cannot be understated. This mobile app which is available via the App and Play Store has been designed with drivers in mind.

No limitations. No difficulties. And no setbacks.

This app is completely synchronised with the Transport Management Software System and lets drivers:

  • Evidence deliveries through signature and/or image capture
  • Have visibility jobs/loads and work for the day
  • See live updates or job changes as they are made
  • View mapping to delivery/collection locations
  • Do vehicle safety checks
Using a phone to scan documentation into HaulTech.365 Transport System

Scan, attach & store

POD from your phone

Using the HaulTech.Connect application, you can take photos of delivery documentation to send to the .365 Transport Management System.

Create business rules

Everyone is unique. That is why the HaulTech.365 transport system adapts to customer requests and allows you to set rules for those who work in different ways.

Keep data secure

Your data is our priority, that is why we use security encryption to protect you. With constant monitoring from the HaulTech.365 team, we are looking out for any suspicious activity to ensure your data security.

Forget about duplication

By storing documentation in the system, administrators can forget about duplication being a part of their job. The system will allow them to scan in any information they need.

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